young rapscallion checking window securityIncreasing Your Window & Door Security In Southsea

why upgrade window security broken keepWhy upgrade your window & door security ?

Did you know, the keeps used on most uPVC windows are made from an alloy material, prone to snap when under attack.

Security on uPVC windows and doors has evolved over the years to a standard that many of the earlier windows/doors seriously lack. How many times have you heard about taking the glass unit out?

upvc window secura sash

Window & Door Lock Upgrades

These and other security weak points are quick and easily addressed by:

It's not the locking handle that secures your window, it’s the locking mechanism you cant see until you open it. 

As mentioned before, older windows and doors relied on a brittle metal alloy keeps, which with a twist of a screw driver, are easily snapped. 

Again the solution is both quick and affordable, using of the range of our security locking systems we are confident in providing you with the security you should have. (See our new security devices).

security window film smashed upvc french doorSecurity Window Film

Glass can be seen as the potential weak link when it comes to security.

An application of security window film can provide an effective barrier to help provide increased security and peace of mind.

We have a range of security films that can be applied to existing glass so there's no need for expensive new glazing.

the crime prevention website logoFor more information on home security, please visit It has a wealth of information that has been put together by an ex Crime Prevention Officer and who knows everything and anything about home security. We highly recommend you check it out.

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