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From changing the colour of your front door, to a complete colour change of every window and door in your Emsworth home and not forgetting your conservatory, fascias, soffits or guttering, the colour options are endless.

Choose your colour and we will do the rest

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Emsworth Window Exterior Spraying

Window Exterior Spraying Emsworth

Emsworth Door Spraying

uPVC Door Spraying Service Emsworth

Emsworth Roofline Spraying

Roofline Spraying Emsworth

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Garage Door Spraying Emsworth

Emsworth Window Interior Spraying

Window Interior Spraying Emsworth

Emsworth Conservatory Spraying

Conservatory Spraying Emsworth

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Whose uPVC spray paint we use and why:

AVKO uPVC Spraying Emsworth

Our need was to find a specialist uPVC spray paint that could stand up to the Emsworth weather, come rain, snow and shine. All this without cracking, flaking or fading. Plus we had to put our name and reputation against it.

We looked high and low to find a company whose products we could use with confidence, knowing our Emsworth customers would have finished frames that would last for years to come. We believe we have found one.

AVKO is a paint manufacturer with total confidence in their own uPVC Spraying products. They provide a full 10 year guarantee on the paint adhesion to the frame.

Established in 1997 AVKO Limited prides itself on unrivalled knowledge of the specialist paint industry. With a background in the uPVC window industry, they totally understand the requirements their paints must deliver.

Why our Emsworth window & door spraying includes an extra UV clear coat:

uPVC Spray UV Protection EmsworthAVKO paints are UV protected as a standard, but by applying a UV resistant clear coat, your uPVC respray gets an additional protective layer against environmental contaminants. These could be things such as chemical attacks from bird droppings, sea air, tree sap, acid rain and even rust from nearby railway tracks.

We apply 2-3 coats of uPVC spray paint, which is then coated with an extra layer of UV protection clearcoat. This ensures the colour of your Emsworth windows and doors continues to look as good as the day it was first sprayed.

Some technical info on uPVC paint colours:

Every colour has a specific wavelength, and coloured paints are engineered to absorb all wavelengths except for the particular ones associated with its colour blend. So red paint absorbs all wavelengths except those in the red band, which are reflected. Our eyes see this reflected light and, if we aren't colour blind, our eyes and brain combine to understand that light as red.

So why does red fade more than other paints? It's because wavelengths associated with red are the lowest energy of visible light, so to appear red it's absorbing much more energetic wavelengths, causing more aggressive degradation of the paint's molecular bonds.

uPVC Paint Spraying EmsworthHere are just some of the benefits of a PVC respray in Emsworth:

Emsworth uPVC Paint Spraying

Your home, your choice:

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How we change the colour of your uPVC in Emsworth

uPVC Window Spraying Emsworth


Care is taken to make sure plants and shrubs are protected from overspray or big boots. Inside, the window/door opening is sealed off using plastic sheeting, minimising any fumes and stopping overspray.

PVC Respray Service Emsworth


Glass is removed, gaskets are taken out, window handles and door furniture are removed. The trim around the frame may need to be removed if the original fitters have been over enthusiastic with the silicone.

Double Glazing Respray Emsworth


This part of the process has to be very thorough. Frames are cleaned using a specialist degreaser, then a product is applied that will prepare the frame for the paint, chemically bonding the two together.

PVC Colour Spraying Emsworth


This is very time consuming, but necessary to provide that new and crisp-edged finish.
Brickwork and any surrounding surfaces need careful masking or covering to ensure paint only goes where intended.

PVC Door Spraying Emsworth


We now apply your chosen colour. This is sprayed in three light coats, which allows a smooth, even coverage.
The paint is touch-dry in 10 minutes and will be fully cured within 24 hours, meaning your windows and doors aren't out of action for long.

Respray PVC Windows Emsworth


Now for the exciting part, we can put everything back together again.
Sashes are fixed back into the frame, gaskets installed, glass units put back in place and glass cleaned.

Colour Matched uPVC Spraying Emsworth


Your windows or doors will now look like brand new coloured units.
Any trim used will be colour matched to frames.
We'll even colour match the silicone beading, to ensure a top quality finish.

PVCu Colour Spraying Emsworth


We can provide the finishing touches: replacement handles, letterboxes and door furniture.
This all adds a bit of sparkle to your newly sprayed windows and doors.


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Why we do what we do: REPAIR, REVIVE & REUSE.

Change Colour of Double Glazing Frames EmsworthLatest research shows that uPVC windows can last 35yrs+. The auxiliary parts like hinges, locks, seals and glazing units have a shorter lifespan. The good news is these parts can be serviced or replaced at a far lower price than total replacement.

Apart from the high cost of replacing uPVC windows and doors in Emsworth with new, there is the environmental issue of what happens to the old double glazing.

Only around 3% of PVC is recycled according to the latest Green paper report and then the strange thing is another report states that PVC remains inert for hundreds of years in landfill sites. Then there is the energy it takes to either manufacture or recycle which can also create more pollution. So this is where we come in, by providing a complete repair, revive and reuse double glazing care package in Emsworth.

We can help your double glazing last way past the 10-15 year throw away period, the usual lifespan recommended by the window replacement industry.