Double Glazing Repair Service

Don't replace them... We can repair them saving you £££££.

At Window Aid we are specialists in uPVC repairs, with over 30 years experience in the uPVC double glazing industry, so if there's a problem with your windows, doors or conservatory why not give us a call.

In 99% of cases, new window replacements are not necessary, we don’t sell double glazing so you can rest assured the repair you called us for is the repair we undertake. Look out for our top tips as they can save you time and money.

Window Repairs

Window Repairs Southsea
  • Misted Up Units
  • Stiff windows
  • Broken hinges
  • Loose or broken handles
  • Locking mechanisms seized
  • Drafts from around window

Door Repairs

ouble Glazing Repairs Southsea
  • Lock adjustments
  • New gaskets fitted
  • Letterboxes replaced
  • Handles changed
  • Hinges adjusted
  • Cat flaps cut in

Patio Repairs

Double Glazing Patio Repairs Southsea
  • Replacement wheels
  • Additional security locks
  • Replacement tracks
  • Door adjustments
  • Bi-fold door adjustments
  • Handle replacement

Conservatory RepairsConservatory Repairs Southsea

We do it all!!!


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Why we do what we do: REPAIR, REVIVE & REUSE.

Fix Double Glazing Frames SouthseaLatest research shows that uPVC windows can last 35yrs+. The auxiliary parts like hinges, locks, seals and glazing units have a shorter lifespan. The good news is these parts can be serviced or replaced at a far lower price than total replacement.

Apart from the high cost of replacing uPVC windows and doors with new, there is the environmental issue of what happens to the old double glazing.

Only around 3% of PVC is recycled according to the latest Green paper report and then the strange thing is another report states that PVC remains inert for hundreds of years in landfill sites. Then there is the energy it takes to either manufacture or recycle which can also create more pollution. So this is where we come in, by providing a complete repair, revive and reuse double glazing care package.

We can help your double glazing last way past the 10-15 year throw away period, the usual lifespan recommended by the window replacement industry.